Monday, December 14, 2009

computer aided drug design [CADD]

well, for a start madam has asked us to find few terms related to this particular they are...>>>

1) bioinformatics - application of information technology and computer science to the field of molecular biology.

e.g: mapping and analyzing DNA and protein sequences, aligning different DNA and protein sequences to compare them and creating and viewing 3-D models of protein structures.

2) bioinformatics tools -the software programs for the saving, retrieving, and analysis of biological data and extracting the information from them.

>> the basic local alignment tool [BLAST] for comparing gene and protein sequences against others in public databases.

>>FASTA - a database search tool used to compare a nucleotide or peptide sequence to a sequence database.

3) protein data bank [PDB] - a repository for the 3-D structural data of large biological molecules, such as protein and nucleic acids.

unfortunately, couldn't find anything regarding NCBI.. ;(

hope these may be helpful to others...


  1. go00odd...xyah aku carik dah..makaseh 4 da info dik... God bless u olwez...^_^

  2. NCBI is a website abbreviated for National Centre for Biotechnology Information....

    Houses many public database and informations regarding molecular biology, molecular structures, etc.....